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1. Detailed Warranty Information

Euro Fireplaces warrants to the original purchaser that all new Euro Fireplaces fireboxes are free from defects in material or workmanship under normal use and service for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase. Euro Fireplaces will repair or replace any defective parts during this period. This 5 year warranty excludes seals which are covered for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. Firebox linings are covered for a period of 3 months from the date of purchase. The glass window of the fireplace is covered until the first burn of the fireplace, thereafter it is no longer covered under warranty.

2. This warranty shall only apply:

To the original purchaser, and when the fireplace has been purchased through an authorised Euro Fireplaces Dealer. Where the heater has been installed in accordance with manufacturer's instructions and a certificate of compliance has been provided (where applicable). Where the heater has been operated in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Where appropriately seasoned, untreated, correctly sized fuel has been used. Any alteration or repairs to the heater have been performed by an authorised Euro Fireplaces Service Person. The air control has been kept closed during long periods of non-operation ie over summer.

3. This Warranty does NOT cover:

Damages caused to the unit through unauthorised repair or alteration, accident, ignorance, neglect, wilful abuse or misuse (either wilful or accidental) Misuse includes:
  • Overloading - Exceeding the recommended fuel limit for the heater.
  • Inappropriate Fuel - Using treated wood or fuel other than wood. This includes railway sleepers, painted wood, driftwood, old fence posts and offcuts from building materials. Only wood that has been felled, split and seasoned or wood purchased from a firewood supplier should be used in any fireplace.
  • Unseasoned Fuel - To burn well, firewood needs to have a moisture content of less than 25%, preferably between 12% and 20%. Firewood with a moisture content above 25% releases corrosive steam into the firebox. This will void your warranty.
  • Use of Accelerants - Accelerants should never be used in a wood fire. Commercially available firelighters used sparingly in combination with plenty of kindling are the only appropriate non-wood fuel.
  • Neglect Includes: Lack of Servicing - Your fireplaces will need to be serviced over its life time, the linings, glass seals and door seals all wear naturally throughout the lifetime of the fireplace and will need to be replaced. Continuing to operate a fireplace with missing or damaged seals or linings will cause damage and void your warranty. Failure to clean your flue - Fireplace flues should be cleaned professionally once a year (ideally just prior to winter) damages caused by flue fires or any other result of excess build up in the flue is not covered by warranty. Damages caused by environmental factors The salty atmosphere present in coastal areas as well as high humidity environments can be corrosive and cause rusting on the steel parts of a heater. This warranty excludes normal wear and tear such as paint discolouration or chipping, wearing of the seals or firebox linings. Damages caused by faulty installation or flue parts. Euro Fireplaces will not be responsible for inadequate performance or backdraft damage caused by environmental conditions such as but not limited to: high altitude environments, nearby trees, hills, or buildings, wind or negative pressure created by the external environment or any mechanical influences such as exhaust fans or airtight home environments.

    4. This Warranty is Void if

    The heater has been subjected to prolonged periods of dampness or submersion in water. The heater has been installed by anyone other than a qualified fireplace installer The fireplace has been operated whilst missing any of its components (linings, seals, etc).

    5. Additional Note

    All warranty claims must be accompanied by proof of purchase, the heaters serial number, the certificate of compliance for the installation (or your installer's contact details in states that do not require a certificate) as well as photos and a description of the issue.