Burn Bright,
Burn Clean.

Words from our Managing Director
Christian Bergmoser.

The Euro Difference.

Wood heating has always been one of the best ways to heat your home, and at Euro Fireplaces, we are committed to making sure it remains so in the future. There really is nothing like the ambience and sense of wellbeing created by a wood fire, however it’s also essential that it doesn’t come at the expense of our environment. This is why we are committed to providing a solution that optimises clean burning and efficiency without compromising on all the things we love about wood heating. 

Unlike traditional fan forced wood heaters, our heaters are designed to maximise your heat output while using the smallest amount of wood possible. This is achieved using a natural convection system, which gently distributes warm air throughout your home. This system is complemented by a lovely radiant heat, which will keep you warm when standing beside the fire. It’s that traditional atmosphere, sometimes referred to as the Healthy Heat, that’s impossible to achieve with gas or electric heating and the reason we still love our fires so much. However getting the best out of your Euro Fireplace can be a slight adjustment.

Furnace type, fan forced fireplaces rely on large loads of firewood. Burning in such an aggressive way means much of the heat is actually lost through the flue, and the firewood has to be replaced very often. The habit of people shutting down their fireplace overnight also leads to a high emission output.

Our heaters are designed to avoid inefficient, ‘dirty’ burns and as such it’s essential that our customers understand this when considering our products.

The Euro Difference

Our heaters draw cold air from open spaces throughout
your home, warm it up and then, as the heat naturally rises,
distribute it back into your rooms, creating a continuous cycle.

As the air cools and lowers, it is again drawing into the heater, becoming warmer each time, resulting in a well-heated home without the need for a large kW output. Several factors will allow the system to work effectively: for example, gaps under external doors need to be covered to ensure the heater does not draw air from outside. Fan forced heaters are designed to account for leaky houses, but with modern design standards this is an increasingly uncommon issue in Australia. As we move toward six-star houses and older buildings are made thermal efficient, a Euro Fireplace can often become the sole heating method throughout winter.

As well as pushing the envelope of efficient heating in Australia, Euro Fireplaces is a leader in Heat Bank technology. This method of heat storage uses dense materials such as Refractory Concrete and Magnesite Bricks to achieve a prolonged, clean, burn. When incorporated into our wood heaters, these materials will absorb and retain heat during a normal burn before slowly emitting it overnight or after the fire has gone out. In many cases, this heat storage along with a quick start up time makes overnight burning unnecessary.

We are extremely passionate about efficient wood burning and hope you are too. If you think a Euro might be the way forward for your home heating needs, read through the following information and learn more about the future of wood heating.

Burn Bright, Burn Clean.

The Euro Difference