At Euro Fireplaces, we understand the allure and charm of a wood fire and strive to provide solutions that pair this with environmental responsibility.

Incorporating the latest in wood heating technology, our fireplaces are designed for the Australian climate, using advanced systems such as fresh air intake, heatbank, natural convection, and radiant heat our fireplaces burn cleanly and efficiently with minimal wood usage.

The Euro Difference

Discover warmth and comfort with Euro Fireplaces, your trusted source of high-quality, clean and efficient European fireplaces.

Established in 2010, Euro Fireplaces is based in Mansfield Victoria, just below the snowfields of Mt Buller. Euro Fireplaces was created when our director, who hails from Austria himself, wanted to install a fireplace in his home, but couldn’t find a unit on the Australian market, with the low wood usage, low emissions, and high efficiency that he had experienced in Europe. So, he decided to bring the leading technology in wood heating to Australia where he could use it. What began as a single owner operated shop has expanded to 4 franchise shopfronts, and a network of over 30 stockists all the way from Hobart to Brisbane. Our team has over 50 years of combined industry experience and are true experts in our product.

The Euro Difference
Anatomy of a Euro Fireplace

When a Euro Fireplace is burnt correctly, it will maintain a clean glass as well as a gentle, bright, flame.

Euro fireplace image
Anatomy of a Euro Fireplace

When a Euro Fireplace is burnt correctly, it will maintain a clean glass as well as a gentle, bright, flame.

Natural Convection

Unlike traditional wood heaters in Australia, Euro Fireplaces do not have fans – they heat your home through natural convection. This process will heat your home more effectively and efficiently, using up to 3 times less firewood than a fan-forced wood burner.

Fresh Air Intake

With houses becoming better insulated and increasingly more energy efficient, it is important to ensure that your fireplace has good access to fresh oxygen to facilitate proper burning. Most Euro Fireplaces come with an optional fresh air intake connection, which creates direct access from the outside air to the firebox. This ensures the air inside your house is kept not only warm, but fresh for you and your family to enjoy. 


Many of our heaters utilise thermal mass to store heat whilst burning, before slowly releasing that stored heat overnight. This heat storage can either be achieved through attractive stone or tile finishes, or alternatively through optional refractory concrete blocks which are installed inside the fireplaces, hidden from sight.

The combination of these design elements results in a wood fire that burns fuel efficiently and cleanly for extended periods. This has been verified by both official test reports and customer feedback from homeowners who have installed Euro Fireplaces. Euro Fireplaces embody true efficiency, not just a statistic on a report.

Primary and Secondary Air Control 

The primary air source is directed straight to the firebox when the air control is completely open to quickly and efficiently start your Euro fire. Secondary air is then used during general operations of the fire. It enters the firebox from the top of the chamber to maintain a consistent flame.


Sparkling hydrous phyllosilicate. You may know vermiculite as a water saving mineral to use for your garden and plants.

Our superior fire boxes are created using exfoliated vermiculite mixed with a bonding agent. The mixture is then hydraulically pressed into shape with an intense heat curing process. Designed to provide you with the most efficient and economical woodheating fireplace.

Vermiculite undergoes significant expansion when heated combined with incredible reflective properties the firebox design effectively contains the heat stopping it from escaping up the flue. Vermiculite also has an exfoliating process which keeps your linings looking clean when not in use. Vermiculite lining should last you around 5-6 seasons depending on the space you are heating to the frequency of use.

*all of our heaters have a different combination of these features.